Travel Insurance For USA


It is becoming common among all the people to acquire travel insurance for USA from India. The reason is the growing number of medical emergencies which appear in front of our medical practitioners on a daily basis. As a result the insurance companies have made a lot of profit by providing good deals to the travelers. The number of accidents and casualties are increasing day by day. In order to provide best possible services to the travelers, it is important for an insurance company to have a network of travel doctors and nursing staff which can provide timely assistance.

If you are going for vacation with your family or friends, it is a wise decision to get best visitors insurance for USA from India. You can find a wide range of options in the internet. Before purchasing an insurance plan, one must compare them on the basis of coverage, price, reputation and services. One can easily find the best medical insurance policy from a reputed travel insurance company in India by just surfing the internet.

There are several reasons behind the rising popularity of travel insurance policies in India. The first and foremost reason is the rising number of health hazards and medical emergency which appear in front of the travel practitioners. There is no doubt that most of the travelers who are not well versed with the western medical practices prefer travel medical insurance companies in India. It is important to understand that these policies do not cover the medical expenses in the country of origin but only the travel related expenses incurred at the destination.

There are many travel medical insurance policies available in the market. In most of the cases the policies are sold as a package which includes travel insurance, hotel insurance and the meals and other related policies. This helps the travelers to get rid of the hassle and worries of purchasing different policies separately. A typical travel insurance policy for USA contains options like the travel insurance for USA from India. The major differences between the travel insurance policies for Indians and those for Americans can be listed as follows:

Most of the travel insurance companies in India offer medical insurance plans for USA. The travel medical insurance for USA from India contains many features which are very much similar to the plans offered by the major travel insurance companies in USA such as Aetna, CIGNA and Travelocity etc. These travel insurance companies in India are also providing good rates and provide many coverage options in addition to the standard travel medical insurance plans. They also provide coverage for other travel needs like pre-existing conditions, trip cancellation and loss of luggage and ticket.

It is important to mention here that the medical insurance plans offered by the travel insurance companies from India are very much cheaper than the medical insurances of USA. As the travel medical insurance is sold as a separate policy from the general travel insurance policy, it has a few extra benefits. It provides coverage for treatment in various hospitals in the USA. It also provides coverage for the treatment of emergency and surgery at military hospitals in the USA. Thus you get more benefits in the travel medical insurance from India than the regular travel insurance.

Another important feature offered by the travel insurance from India is Trip cancellation coverage. This is very useful in case your travel plans are canceled by any reason whatsoever. The travel insurance from India also provides coverage for loss or damage of baggage and refund of the cost of travel insurance tickets. In this case you get all the facilities which are offered in the regular travel insurance policies.

If you travel frequently by air and sea to USA then getting travel insurance from India is a wise decision. You get best rates, excellent coverage and secure travel environment which is provided by many travel insurance policies of India. They not only cover health and travel related problems but also offer coverage for loss or damage of luggage, cancellation or delay of flights, injury, death and many more. So travel insurance from India will help you to enjoy your trip to USA without any hassle.