Travel Health Insurance Quote – What to Look For in a Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Quote


Are you considering buying travel medical insurance? If you have never considered travel insurance you are certainly making a mistake. This is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make. There is an enormous amount of risk when traveling, so you need insurance that will keep you healthy.

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance: Two travel insurance firms share the name of the top cheap travel insurance suppliers: Nationwide and IMG. They each represents one of two basic categories most relevant to travelers, comprehensive policies which provide different coversages, and trip cancellation coverage. Your choice will largely be dependent upon whether you need additional benefits, such as emergency medical services, coverage for lost or delayed baggage, trip cancellation or delay fees, and other benefits that you find that are important to you. If you travel infrequently or do not have a particular health issue that would require this type of service then you may not need these benefits. However, if you have an existing condition or medical condition that you think might require added protection then these plans may be a good investment for you.

Trip Cancellation Coverage: Trip cancellation is often necessary for those who travel frequently from city to city. In these cases you will likely incur unexpected costs that you won’t be able to cover with your regular travel insurance policy. This type of plan pays out the cost of a trip cancellation to the person’s chosen destination, providing them with money to book flights and hotels in advance to avoid being forced to incur these expenses in the middle of a trip. The best travel insurance plans will provide this benefit and you should inquire about it when purchasing your plan.

Emergency Medical Evasion Benefit: Similar to trip cancellation, emergency medical evacuation coverage provides people with protection in case of an emergency medical evacuation out of the city where they are traveling. Again, this is often required by emergency services in regions that are too remote for regular air travel. Some plans will also provide coverage for a flight that has become ill and cannot be rescheduled. As long as you purchase enough coverage to meet your needs then you should be safe. There are some plans that will provide up to twelve days of emergency medical evacuation coverage, which is more than most people need but should be available should the need arise.

Short Term Travel Coverage: You may also want additional coverage if you plan to travel for pleasure and part of your trip is going to be a trip back and forth to your original destination. Typically, the longer you travel the less likely you are to experience any medical emergencies, so having some sort of short term travel insurance during your trip is a good idea. Some plans offer twenty four hour emergency medical and evacuation services as well as a one hundred percent reimbursement for tickets and airline tickets for those who travel out of town for non – emergency medical purposes. The benefits can be pretty attractive and these plans are typically fairly inexpensive if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind that these short term plans will only cover non – emergency medical evacuations and you will not be able to use them when you go back home.

Comprehensive Coverage: The best cheap travel insurance policies will include coverage for both pre-existing conditions as well as other issues that could happen during your trip. Many policies will offer coverage for pre-existing conditions and many will offer lifetime coverage as well. Some policies will also include coverage for trips to Canada. If you are going to Canada then make sure that your policy includes coverage for both the time spent in Canada and for the time you will spend back home.

Call Waiting Service: Many plans include a call waiting service in case of a medical emergency. If you have a pre-existing condition then this is something you should definitely look for. You should also make sure that your travel insurance company has 24-hour assistance in the event of a medical emergency. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign hospital bed waiting to get help. This is why you need to check into the benefits of your plan and what type of call waiting service they offer.

Travel Health Insurance Options: When it comes to travel insurance you are going to want to choose plans that offer the right combination of benefits for your situation. When you are looking at quotes you should keep in mind that some polices offer better benefits and coverage than others. Some polices will only cover emergency medical evacuation while others will cover the cost of a hotel stay if you are taking a trip abroad to attend a convention or medical symposium. There are plans that will cover airfare, hotel accommodations and meals, but the best deals will offer comprehensive coverage for both medical evacuation and a secondary health care policy. Make sure that your Patriot Travel Medical Insurance policy provides you with the types of protection that you need for your trip and that you can afford to maintain the policy.